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Continuous Medical Education

Continuous education programs are conducted to enhance your academics, degrees & append knowledge and add credentials, hence; overall gives value to your professional name. 

Thus a person who is qualified  should opt these. Any qualified Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist / Physiotherapy Assistant / Physiotherapy Aide/ Occupational Therapist / Rehabilitation Therapist  from the entire globe can do these courses.

Indian Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (I.A.C.P.) offers online courses in various branches of physical therapy.
It is not mandatory to be the member of I.A.C.P.

Whether you want to study for a regulated qualification or take a physiotherapy course that provides you with Continuous Medical Education (CME).  These courses can be taken to further enhance your understanding of the subject. Having a broader understanding of the subject can help you improve your professional practice and personal development.


Our Medical Certificate Courses vary in time duration and study method, with some offering tutor support. We have designed all these courses keeping in mind the busy-ness in the professional life, hence all courses are highly flexible with your time.


How CME improves you


Advance Your Physiotherapy Career with Online Certificate Courses in India

Continuous Medical Education (CME) is essential for physiotherapists in India to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. With the growing demand for accessible and convenient learning, online certificate courses for physiotherapists in India have become increasingly popular.

Online certificate courses for physiotherapists in India are an excellent way to enhance your skills and stay current with the latest research and techniques. These courses are accessible from anywhere in India & even all over the world, and the certificates received after completion can be added to your professional credentials.

Online fellowship courses in physiotherapy are ideal for those looking to advance their careers and specialize in a particular area of physiotherapy. These courses offer a more in-depth and comprehensive learning experience, with opportunities for networking and collaboration with peers.

Some of the online fellowship courses in physiotherapy available in India include:

  1. Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  2. Fellowship in Pediatric Physiotherapy
  3. Fellowship in Sports Physiotherapy
  4. Fellowship in Neurological Rehabilitation



Online Fellowship Courses in Physiotherapy

Email at to apply for Fellowship


Free Online Physiotherapy Courses with Certificates

or those looking for free online physiotherapy courses with certificates, there are several options available. These courses provide an opportunity to learn and improve your skills without financial burden. 

Some Free online physiotherapy courses with certificates available in India include:

  1. IACP Certificate in Covid-19 

All Courses

We cater variety of Medical Courses specially for Physiotherapists. The courses brought to you are conducted by famous and leading CME (continuous Medical Education) Institutions throughout the world other CME Courses are In house courses conducted by IACP (Indian Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) which are prepared by some reputed physiotherapy professionals.

These courses are especially designed for Physiotherapists/ Physical Therapists and other Medical Professional can also take part in them and use them to uplift their knowledge of the subject.

Course Code C/3/2003STM

Course Code C/3/2001N

Course Code C/3/2002S

Free Course

Course Code C/2000C

Course Code C/PT/904

Course Code C/PT/1031

Course Code C/PT/222

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Eligibility for Enrolment:

  • Candidate seeking admission in any medical online course offered by I.A.C.P. must be a qualified Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist / Rehabilitation Therapist / Physical Therapy Assistant /Physical Therapy Aide/  Physiotherapy Assistant.

Who can do this course?

  • From any country, any qualified Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation Therapist / Rehabilitation Professional / Physical Therapy Assistant / Physiotherapy Assistant can apply in any of our courses or partner courses.
  • It is open to all whether a member or non-member of I.A.C.P.

Fee Structure :

  • Fee of all the courses with method of payment is given clearly in each course section. The Fee can be paid by any of these means:-
    Online Bank to Bank Transfer | GooglePay | Paytm | UPI 

Our Course Catalogue

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