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To Register yourself in The IACP (Chartered Physiotherapy Association of India).

 You should be a qualified Physiotherapists, completed your Academics from a Registered University/College/Institution.

To apply for the Membership of IACP

Please Download the form & instruction sheet by clicking the buttons below.

A Chartered Physiotherapist is a qualified professional who has achieved the highest academic and professional excellence and adheres to offer the highest standards of Practice. These physiotherapists are self committed professionals who are devoted towards the Development of their professional and ethical values.

Hence; it substantiates that they will give their best every time they offer their service. Chartered Physiotherapists always strive and try to indulge in different Opportunities that will enhance their State of Mind.

That’s why choosing a Chartered Physiotherapist will be a peace of mind knowing that he/she is a Member of Indian Association of Chartered Physiotherapist and is a Committed Therapist.

Being a Chartered Physiotherapists is an elite status and Symbol of Professional Mark, telling that the particular practitioner is committed to provide an excellent standard of care, and hence this status of Chartered assures the Physiotherapists’ standard in Public’s, Patients’, Institutions’ niche. Being a Chartered physiotherapist you will be amongst the professionals who are always engaged in practice-enhancement activities. They attend Courses, Enhancement Programs, Mind-craft activities, etc. and leave no opportunity to upgrade their knowledge.

This is how they develop themselves to stand 2 steps ahead and at this stage their dedicated nature differentiates them from a non-Chartered Physiotherapist.

For Student, Professional, Institutional or Life Membership the applicant has to follow the Rules and Procedure. You will find the rules annexed to the respective Membership Forms.

A qualified person in the field of physiotherapy/physical therapy who pays the Membership fees quoted by I.A.C.P. will be an I.A.C.P. Life Member. The candidate will be awarded a Certificate with a Membership Registration Number. Apart from life membership certificate; candidate will be issued a Chartered Seal from I.A.C.P.

A qualified person who has done either Bachelor in Physiotherapy (B.P.T.), or Diploma in Physiotherapy (D.P.T.), or Assistant Physiotherapy ( A.P.T.) with a practice experience of 4 years and pays the Membership fees quoted by I.A.C.P. will be a Professional Member. The candidate will be awarded a Certificate with a Membership Registration Number valid for the termed duration (i.e. 2 years, 4 years). After that membership voids if not renewed/upgraded.

The General Membership of IACP can be applied by anyone who is interested in being a part of Indian Association of Chartered Physiotherapist and has some missions & aims (just like the Association) towards the domain of Physiotherapy/ Physical Therapy.

General Member of IACP is maybe an Assistant or Diploma Physiotherapy (DPT/ APT/ADPT) holder from any recognized institute or a Certificate holder from any Government or Private Institution like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikaas Yojna (PMKVY), National Skill development Council(NSDC), any Recognized Vocational Council.

The students pursuing Undergraduate Courses(B.P.T) or Diploma Courses(not less then 2 years) in the field of physiotherapy/ physical therapy, from any recognized Institute/ College/ School which is the Institutional Member of I.A.C.P. or is Affiliated/ Recognized by I.A.C.P.; can apply for Student Membership. The candidate will get a Certificate with a Membership Registration Number valid just for the termed duration. After that membership voids if not renewed/upgraded.

Those Institutions offering 4 ½ year undergraduate courses or at least 2 year Diploma Course in the field of Physiotherapy/ Physical Therapy and are affiliated/ attached by any UGC recognized university/ deemed university/ college anywhere in India, can apply for Institutional Membership. Institutional membership is renewed after a time span of 5 years.
Note: Institutional Membership does not mean that students/ faculty/ staff are also the members of I.A.C.P. Here the word Institutional Member only means College/ Institute/ School is the Member.
All the students/ faculty must separately ask for Life/ Student Membership to I.A.C.P. through the Institute.

Fee for any type of Membership is paid in through following modes-

payable at “LUCKNOW”.

-Online though our Universal Payment Page. (Click Here to open)


We advice you to make a shortcut application at your Mobile phone/ Computer screen for easy access of IACP’s website.

  1. Click Menu key at the upper right corner of your browser
  2. click Add to Home.!

You will now have an App Icon of IACP on your Home Screen.

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