What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, or Physical Therapy, is a HealthCare profession concerned with the assessment, maintenance, and restoration of the physical function and performance of the body. It is a well establish branch of medical sciences being practice at global level. Its treatment can be given to patient both in isolation or in conjunction with other types of medical management. Used in conjunction with certain medical or surgical techniques, physiotherapy can complement these techniques to help provide a speedy and complication-free return to normal activity.

A Physiotherapist guiding the patient in doing physical therapy exercise.

Physiotherapy can be useful in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of injuries, disease processes, and other conditions, including :

· Sports injuries
· Arthritis
· Back and neck pain
· Postural problems
· Asthma management
· Chronic airways disease
· Occupational injuries
· Neurological conditions
· Spinal cord injuries
. Stroke rehabilitation
· Rehabilitation following cardiac surgery
· Impaired mobility
· Amputee rehabilitation
· Women’s health
· Incontinence
· Geriatric problems
· Developmental and paediatric problems

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